High-speed doors

Our high-speed doors make the difference. Of course they are fast, very fast even, but our industrial doors stand out in many more ways. All materials that are used are of a quality that you can expect from a heavily loaded high-speed door.

A high speed door for every industry

Are you also looking for a high speed door? Look no further, because we have a wide range of high-speed doors, one of which will always fit your (logistics) street. The doors are fully equipped and suitable for indoor and/or outdoor use. Of course, all doors can be customized with color and material options.

High-speed doors are used everywhere, but especially in places where air movement must be minimized. For example, with high temperature differences, hygiene or to keep moisture, drafts and cold out. Think of branches such as industry, retail, food industry, logistics or cleanrooms.

Dynamicroll® high-speed door

The Dynamicroll® is our most versatile and best-selling high-speed door. This all-rounder can be used both indoors and outdoors and in almost every sector. The door is designed to allow your staff to work efficiently, at low costs, with optimum safety and in a pleasant working environment.

Safety, reliability, efficiency and a pleasant working environment

But this does not say everything about our high-speed doors. Our doors improve safety and reliability in your building, thanks to multiple safety sensors. As a result, the chance of an impact is small. In the event of an accident, the risk of damage is small and failure is limited. This is because the door contains no hard parts, has an anti-crash system and is self-repairing.

Our high-speed doors also ensure higher efficiency and lower costs. The high speeds and the different operating options minimize obstructions and waiting times. This ensures optimum speed and efficiency in your processes. The automatic closing and tight seal minimize heat, cold and pressure loss.

A high-speed door also provides a pleasant working environment. The fast, automatic closing and precise sealing ensure that your working environment is well and almost continuously sealed from drafts, moisture and cold. This guarantees a pleasant working environment and a healthier climate, increasing the satisfaction of your employees and reducing absenteeism.

Below you will find an impression of the high-speed doors that we can supply.