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BDJ Montage offers you an extensive range of high-quality materials.

In various styles, structures and designs.

Whether it concerns a garage door, patio door(s) or commercial door, we have a suitable solution for every situation.

Our doors meet the strictest European guidelines in the field of safety and sustainability.

You are looking for a reliable and durable product, we can help you further, and select the door entirely according to your personal wishes.

Feel free to contact us or click on the link regarding your preference and leave your details and one of our advisors will contact you as soon as possible.

You are always welcome in our showroom in Lemmer to take a look at the many options we have to offer, without obligation.

In addition to the sale/assembly of garage doors and overhead doors,

We also have high-speed doors, wicket doors, and sliding doors in our range.

You can also contact us for malfunctions, maintenance and repairs of all types and brands of doors.

The coffee is of course always ready!